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ONE-S Safety Driving System

ONE-S Safety Driving System is a freely combinable system designed to all-round safely protection while driving.Users can select which functional modules(form forward collision warning,blind spot detection,tire pressure monitoring,parking assist system,seat belt reminder,air quality monitoring.parking security alert) and display terminals (form driving camera,Android in-car) they need to combine into one complete system.

The best Safety driving system not only record the evidence but also prevent accidents

Optional Display

10" IPS HD Stream Media Mirror

HD Stream Media

Dual-channel driving recorder

Tape or bracket fixed available

3" IPS AI Dual-channel dash camera

IPS screen

Dual-channel driving recorder

SM sticker fixed installation

Android Car Stereo

Compatible with Anroid car stereo

Wireless USB connection

2 USB hubs output available

Auto minimize with float window display

Dashboard LED Display

Multi-color LED display

Wireless transmission

Compatibly with FCW,BSD & PAS system

Functional modules

Forward collision warning module

Millimeter wave radar monitoring

Two level warning

Blind sopt detection module

79GHz microwave radar blind spot detection system

Object approaching warning and changing lane alarm

Tire pressure monitoring module

Tire pressure and temperature monitoring in the real time

Auto alarm on time

Front parking assist module

Ultrasonic front parking sensor

Three level reminds:red,yellow and green

Rear parking assist module

Ultrasonicrear parking sensor

Three level reminds:red,yellow and green

Seat belt reminder module

Visual and audible alarm

Warning for front passenger and rear seats without buckling seat belt

Air quality monitoring module

PM2.5 suspended particulate monitoring

Alarming when the harmful gas in the car exceeds the standard

Parking security alarm module

Parking moitoring

Parking Alarm

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